• Fixed: Saved sources not loading in PRO. PRO will in general run faster now. 
  • Changed: Adjusting the background color of the canvas is now more prominent. Zoom is made easier on desktop.


  • Added: The background of the canvas will automatically set to a color that likely is the background color of the image. You can still adjust the background color if it is not matching.
  • Added: 8 new token frames.


  • Changed: Default zoom is set from 0.8 to 0.7 to allow quicker adjustments of portraits for tokens.


  • Added: Heroic Portrait AI: PRO and Advanced users can generate character portraits with the help of AI.
  • Added: Free users can see and use 50 of the newest AI generated images.
  • Added: Advanced Plan. It allows to create hidden images with AI and allows commercial use.


  • Added: Ten new borders for PRO, including raven, circus, dark green, dark green magic, fortune teller, pearls, leaves


  • Added: In the Open Dialog, you can now open Default Sources and import them to our tool. This function is available for all users, whether logged in or not.
  • Fixed: Grey overlay now adjusts to the size of opened saved source files in the free version
  • Fixed: Token border is reset to none when a saved source file is opened in the free version


  • Added: New color picker with pipette which allows to pick a color for the background from the screen


  • Fixed: Removed flickering of the token frame on mobile


  • Added: Docs & Support pages


  • Zoom function moved to the highest menu level
  • Background color function moved to the top position in the color dropdown
  • Default zoom set from 0.9 to 0.8
  • All images compressed for faster loading times


  • Update to a faster server


  •  8 new token borders added


  •  Heroic Token launched